About Us

hubfolio’s mission is to make content more accessible to the global traveller. Localised content is made available ‘On Demand’ to hoteliers and their distribution partners, including Channel Managers, travel booking sites & OTAs, GDSs, Wholesalers, Metasearch Sites and more.

Rather than creating digital assets for each channel, it makes sense to do everything once, on a central platform and disperse content to all channels via a central hub. A central omni-channel digital content globalisation platform to orchestrate customer interactions across any touch-point is needed.

hubfolio has incorporated the latest opentravel schemas, utilises advanced localisation and translation technology & methodologies, a network of localisation professionals from around the world, Amazon cloud-hosting services and advanced API distribution services.

We specialise in hotel content,
localisation and distribution.

We're partners not providers


Omni-channel: Putting your end-customers first

Today’s customers expect seamless customer journeys – anytime, anyplace – that are easy to use, and without friction. hubfolio helps you modernise and orchestrate all your customer touchpoints, transforming multiple siloed digital channels and legacy applications into a consistent brand experience.

Open-API: Fast, light and versatile

With hubfolio, there’s no need to replace or rebuild your core hospitality management systems from scratch. hubfolio allows you to curate and integrate content and functionality into a new digital content repository and management platform that is exposed via swagger-compliant Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs).

Automate Localisation: Replacing traditional workflows

hubfolio automates the localisation process by utilising a collaborative translation editing (CAT) and project management solution that involves machine translations, memory translations and a community of translators/agencies from around the world. It replaces the hassle of traditional translation workflows, improving the Time-to-Market of localised content and at the same time enhances the quality of translations at lower costs.

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